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Brock House workshops - Spring 2017
Chromebooks and Education - a presentation given at CUE-BC 2014 conference, October 24 2014

Files for downloading and favorite links
Burning CDs from tapes and LPs 

Online security - a presentation given to the International Kiwanis Convention, 29 June 2013

Web Page Creation and Maintenance:

Working with

Getting started with (September 2009)
OpenOffice Impress QuickStart (November 2009)
Working with's free office suite
(April 2005)
Customizing your 2.0 Setup (October 2005)
Making presentations with's Impress
Open Office Impress Photo Album add-on

Making presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint
Using Irfanview as a quick Powerpoint replacment
Making a card with MS Paint
Getting started with Microsoft Publisher

Using the Internet better: 

Using Windows series:

Getting started with Microsoft Works series:

Just for teachers:

Creating a classlist folder on Vancouver's new CSP workstations- Jan 2010
CSP for Vancouver teachers
- November 2009
Using the free Virtual Electricity Lab to teach elementary science 
Using Operation Neptune to practise math word problems
Setting up ‘standalone’ Rosetta Stone to save student data across a network
Using the VSB's MediaNet service to book videos, DVDs and more - revised


Kids and Computers: a presentation for parents given at the Wonder of Words conference at Hastings School- 21 April 2005
Computers and Internet Security: a presentation given to NAAAP Professional, Vancouver- 6 April 2005
Free Software for K-12 Education
: a presentation given to the CUE-BC Horizons Conference, October 2007

The Maquinna Sun
: creating an elementary school newspaper integrating technology with the writing process: a presentation given to the Vancouver School Board Faces of Technology conference, February 2008
Files and Folders and Drives, Oh My!
- a presentation for beginning or awkward computer users, Spring 2007
Google Earth and Picasa
- a presentation for Vancouver teacher-librarians: April 2008
Google Docs- interface, presentations, & collaboration
- presented to Vancouver teacher-librarians: May 21 2008 and to the CUE-BC Horizons conference, October 24, 2008

Out of date and removed:

These tutorials accompany CyberSafety, a Continuing Education course at BC's Capilano College.
  • Introduction
  • Know Your PC
  • Computer Viruses
  • Email and Spam
  • Firewalls
  • Spyware
  • Networks and Wireless issues