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NAME  Alan Zisman

LOCATION  Vancouver BC Canada

JOB  Musician, Technology Writer and more

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About Me

Alan is a Vancouver (BC, Canada) teacher, musician, and computer journalist. He wrote a weekly column for Business in Vancouver from 1995-2012 and appears regularly on LowEndMac, and elsewhere in print and online. Alan lives in Vancouver's historic Strathcona neighbourhood.

Alan plays accordion, piano and other keyboards. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was active in Ad Hoc, a Vancouver 'benefit band', and in the 1980s-90s in The Tools. Currently, he plays piano with the Jasmine 5 jazz quintet and accordion with the Gram Partisans (who have a CD out) and hosts Vancouver's monthly Squeezebox Circle.

Alan has visited New Orleans (several times beginning in 1967), Central Europe in 2002, Cuba in 2004, London and Paris in 2005, the eastern Mediterranean in 2007, the Rhone valley and Barcelona in 2008, Italy multiple times. From 1968-77, Alan lived in Montreal: mementos of that era are at Plastic Roseland.

At the end of June 2010, he retired after three decades teaching - at Vancouver alternative secondary school Total Education ('Total ed') followed by 12 years helping students in grades 1-7 learn to use computers and the Internet at Vancouver's Chief Maquinna Elementary School. Even more recently, he became a grandfather!

He has a YouTube channel with playlists including: Christmas Band, Deep Cove Big Band, Gram Partisans, Information at Your Fingertips, Louis Jordan, Rodgers Brothers, Squeezebox Circle, The Black Band, and more. Check 'em out!

You can email him at: