Teaching from the Internet:

The Anne Frank House assignment

by Alan Zisman (c) 2001

This is a sample assignment, showing how students with Internet access can be given a structured assignment; this assignment has been used successfully with Grade 7, including many ESL students in a Vancouver (BC Canada) public school; it was given prior to having the students read "The Diary of Anne Frank".

You are welcome to use or modify this assignment-- before using it, however, be sure to check at the Anne Frank House website: http://www.annefrank.nl; websites change over time, and it may be necessary to change this assignment to reflect the current layout of the site.

Start on the Internet at Yahooligans.

In the Search area, type:    “Anne Frank”     (including the quotes).

Your response will include a link for Anne Frank House. Click on it to go the webpage for the Anne Frank House. Click on the word english to see the information in English (instead of in Dutch-- you’re looking at a webpage from the Netherlands. The letters ‘nl’ in the page’s address (www.annefrank.nl) is the country code for Netherlands-- like ‘ca’ for Canada).

Click on the small picture under the words: “Anne Frank House”:

Anne Frank House website home page

Click on the link (on the left-side of the page) Front Part and Annex.

1. Which part of the house was used for the hiding place?

2. What was the front part of the house used for?

3. What other family hid with the Franks?

Click on the link to Helpers

4. How do the office workers help the Frank family?

Click on the link to Miep Gies

5. Who was Miep Gies? How did she help the hiding families?

Click on the link Annex

6. What are three ways that the people hiding in the annex were protected from the neighbors?

Click on Those in Hiding

7. What is the name that Anne gave to the Van Pels in her diary?

Click on Anne’s Room. Scroll down the page and click on the movie camera icon movie camera icon  to view the video clip.

8. Who did Anne share her room with?

Click on the link on the top labelled Anne Frank

9. Why did Anne’s family leave Germany? When did they leave? How old was Anne when they left?

10. What happened in the following years?





Click on the link on the left Fleeing 1929-1942. Read the page, then click on the Nextbutton at the bottom of each page until you find the answers to the next questions.

11. (page 3) What happened to German Jews in 1938 when the National Socialists organized a ‘pogrom’ known as ‘Kristallnacht’?

12. (page 4) After Germany invaded the Netherlands, Jewish freedom was restricted. According to the quotation from the diary, what were three of these restrictions?

Click on the link Into Hiding 1942-1944 Read the three pages

Click on the link The Camps 1944-1945

13. Which members of the family survived the camps?

14. Which concentration camps were Anne taken to?

15. What did Anne die of?


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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan