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Under construction graphic

Don't you just love those Web pages that tell you that they're a work in progress? Don't they realize that everything on the Web is either a work in progress or out of date with links that don't work?

In any event, above is my favourite Under Construction graphic of all time... I don't know where it came from-- (anyone who knows should email me).

If you would like to use the graphic, do one of the following:

  • Windows systems can right-click on the picture to get a pop-up context menu. Choose Save Image as (Netscape) or Save Picture As (Internet Explorer). Point to a folder where you want to save the graphic, (optionally edit the filename) and save.
  • Mac users can get a similar context menu by holding down the Ctrlkey while they click on the picture, or by holding the mouse button down for several seconds until the menu pops up.
  • Alternatively, Windows Internet Explorer users or Mac users (of either Netscape or IE) can choose Copy from the popup menu, then open the application of their choice (word processor, HTML page design program, etc), and paste the graphic right in place.
  • Finally, Mac users of many browser versions can drag the graphic right onto the desktop, where it will automatically save. Easy, 'eh?


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