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Articles by Alan Zisman 1998

Busy, busy, busy! 56 articles and columns are listed in this page, mostly for the Canada Computes/Canadian Computer Wholesaler group. This was the year that Computer Player finally changed its name to Vancouver Computes to match the rest of it's Canada Computes team-mates.

As High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; those 50 or so 1998 columns are linked here.

1998/01 You Asked Us-- PC Canada Computes
1998/01 PC98-- Where are we going? Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/01 Violent games have parallels to porn Computer Player
1998/01 Conversions Plus-- File conversion magic Toronto Computes
1998/01/06 A fast way to calculate cluster waste PC Magazine/User to User column
1998/02 Cheap PCs take market by surprise Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/02 Locals present or unaccounted for... Comdex PacRim Computer Player
1998/02 Seeing is no longer believing-digital image alteration gets easier Computer Player
1998/02 The cheap PC changes everythingComputer Player
1998/02 They Love This Game Computer Player
1998/02 WIN CE gets games-- finally Computer Player
1998/02 You Asked Us Computer Player
1998/03 Hardware and Software are in a State of Flux Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/03 The future according to MicrosoftComputer Player
1998/03 The Mac Gets a Little RespectComputer Player
1998/03 You Asked Us PC Computer Player
1998/03 Good dog! (review of CyberMedia Guard Dog) Toronto Computes!
1998/04 Windows 98-- A step up, but modestly so Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/04 A Tale of Two Operating Systems Computer Player
1998/04 You Asked Us (PC) Computer Player
1998/04 Recordable CDs increasingly attractiveToronto Computes
1998/04 Win95 Uninstall Programs: A dangerous crowd? Toronto Computes
1998/05 Interrupt, without apology!Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/05 Start Your Engines! Computer Player
1998/05 When is it time to replace old faithful?Computer Player
1998/05 You Asked Us...Computer Player
1998/05 Building powerful, attractive Web sites Toronto Computes
1998/05 Free Intel Learning kit good for teachers & kids Toronto Computes
1998/06 Say "No" to Celeron Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/06 ATI Video cards solid performersComputer Player
1998/06 In software as in life, small is beautifulComputer Player
1998/06 Old alternative reborn as New DealComputer Player
1998/06 Should your business be on the Net?Computer Player
1998/06 You Asked Us PC Computer Player
1998/07 Worthwhile CPU Alternatives Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/07 Let's Play Ball! Vancouver Computes
1998/07 Throw away your PCs and Macs (Amiga)Vancouver Computes
1998/07 You Asked Us Vancouver Computes
1998/08 AMD's K6-2 Challenges Intel for 3DCanadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/08 Game Systems Deserve RespectVancouver Computes
1998/08 Getting Computers into Schools (Anywhere, Anytime Learning)Vancouver Computes
1998/08 Have your own World Cup Vancouver Computes
1998/08 You Asked Us- PC Vancouver Computes
1998/09 Is the G3 PowerPC 'twice as fast'-- Well, maybe Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/09 You Asked Us-- PC: Heaps of TroubleToronto Computes
1998/09 More monster truck madness... and a whole lot of fun! Vancouver Computes
1998/10 Contemplating Alpha; Warming to CeleronCanadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/10 Web-page design programs grow in tandem Toronto Computes
1998/10 Adding to Windows 98 Enjoyment-- MS Plus 98 Vancouver Computes
1998/10 BC Schools taking computing seriouslyVancouver Computes
1998/10 You Asked Us Vancouver Computes
1998/11 New Celeron Design: Say 'Yes' this time round Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/11 In praise of games and gamersVancouver Computes
1998/12 Too Many Choices? You're not alone!Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1998/12 Talkworks Pro: Soho Phone Solution Toronto Computes
1998/12 Show Support for local software Vancouver Computes!
1998/12 You Asked Us Vancouver Computes!

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan