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High Tech Office columns by Alan Zisman - 1998

by Alan Zisman (c) 1998
First published in Business in Vancouver

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1998/01/06 Apple history contains lessons for businesses with rotten cores #428
1998/01/13 Lawless reputation of Internet is fast becoming a myth #429
1998/01/20 Office suite programs: bigger isn't all that better #430
1998/01/26 Comdex computer show: headache free but lacking buzz #431
1998/02/03 Corel Draw update adds sophistications with CDs full... #432
1998/02/10 No need to draw upon the professionals when all you need is a graphics program #433
1998/02/17 Adobe's graphical competition can't come close to Illustrator & Photoshop on a Mac #434
1998/02/24 Macs & PCs can be connected and get along #435
1998/03/03 Handheld computers offer convergence if you have a fistful of dollars... #436
1998/03/10 Internet Surfers using the high-speed Wave should safeguard themselves... #437
1998/03/17 Touchlink finance system offers peace of mind... #438
1998/03/24 Qualcomm's latest version of Eudora e-maileroffers everything needed to stay connected #439
1998/03/31 PC users know it's springtime (Win98) #440
1998/04/07 Apple borrows the best from Windows 95 with new... 441
1998/04/14 New Deal... transforms old PCs into usable machines 442
1998/04/21 A few thoughtful additions to an old computer... 443
1998/04/28 A Mac user trapped in this Windows world has options... 444
1998/05/05 Microsoft's Mac Office 98 & Publisher 98 prove the giant can learn from the little people 445
1998/05/12 A few polite rules would hardly hamper Microsoft's freedom to innovate 446
1998/05/19 Backing up computer information is a dull job but it may be the most important thing you do 447
1998/05/26 Information on the Net may want to be free but publications hope online readers will pay 448
1998/06/02 Watch out for fake chips and pricey toner... 449
1998/06/09 New methods can extend the life of a notebook... 450
1998/06/16 Proxy Servers allow the smallest of companies to connect 451
1998/06/23 Intel's Celeron and Apple's iMac vie for a slice of the growing low cost computer market 452
1998/06/30 A few simple changes can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any company's Web site 453
1998/07/07 E-mail is the most useful part of the Internet despite the growing load of time-wasting spam 454
1998/07/14 High-tech flat monitors save on valueable space by putting laptop technology onto the desktop 455
1998/07/21 Latest version of standard-setting Photoshop offers significant upgrades and new features 456
1998/07/28 Top 10 things people do on the World Wide Web include searching, shopping, and smacking Dave 457
1998/08/04 Microsoft's Windows 98 is selling well but questions remain about its usability 458
1998/08/11 Business should think about online privacy before government forces laws on all Netizens 459
1998/08/18 Internet 'portals' offer a home base for surfers while giving advertisers a captive audience 460
1998/08/25 OMicrosoft rules the world of operating systems but the alternatives are worth a second look 461
1998/09/01 Security on the Net takes good technology and a dose of old-fashioned common sense 462
1998/09/08 Notebook computers can do more than ever but the prices for high-end models are startling 463
1998/09/15 Adobe's new ImageReady gives Web designers a virtual Swiss army knife of creative tools 464
1998/09/22 The Year 2000 bug is moving from a tech issue to a broader social and business problem 465
1998/09/29 Businesspeople looking for help keeping organized can find relief in high-tech information managers 466
1998/10/06 High tech firms offer a wide range of products as local industry continues to expand 467
1998/10/13 Software companies and high tech service procivers are thriving and multiplying in the local market 468
1998/10/20 PeakSoft's upgraded Web accelerator makes it a must-have for surfers 469
1998/10/27 Apple's graphics and printing niche is secure as long as the Mac staus ahead of its rivals 470
1998/11/03 Citrix program gives network computer users the chance to get their money's worth 471
1998/11/10 Apple's latest operating system gives users good value and functionality for their money 472
1998/11/17 Upgrading can be a pain in the hard drive, but sometimes the payoff is worth the trouble 473
1998/11/24 Wanderings reveal Web page contests, reunion data, computer virus updates, and the little island that could 474
1998/12/01 The traditional time to buy gifts for the family doesn't mean the gifts have to be traditional 475
1998/12/08 Novell's Netware allows the smallest company to enjoy the advantages of a network right now 476
1998/12/15 New software allows stay-at-home workers to be fully connected to the head office 477
1998/12/22 There's no need to suffer from fear of obsolescence when affordable upgrades are available 478

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan