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by Alan Zisman (c) 1998. First published in Computer Player, March 1998

How would you suggest that I connect three(3) different print devices to one(1) WIN95 PC?   I have a HP855C, a HP laserjet 4L and a Okioffice 44 Fax machine/printer/scanner, that I want to connect to a Gateway P266 running Windows 95.

--- Hcc709

Your typical PC will only have a single printer (parallel) port... two at the most; you can add a card to add an additional printer port or two-- PCs can have up to 3 parallel ports. Give Gateway a call, and see if they have something to sell-- otherwise, check with a local computer store.

Here?s another alternative: you may want to purchase a switch box, with a manual A-B-C switch letting you connect multiple devices to a single parallel port, and switch between them.

I am looking for info on how to remove the previous owners name from the
Windows 95 Registry on a used system.

-- Wes Clark

The  simplest way is to run REGEDIT (from the Start Menu's Run option)... search for the previous owner?s name, and when it shows up, change it to what you want.

F3 lets you search again for the same thing...

Note you may also want to change a company name, if that?s listed too.

You can check the currently listed names by right-clicking on the My Computer icon, and choosing 'Properties'.

Can Windows'95 restore files from backup disks created by M-S Backup for Windows in Windows for Workgroups 3.11? I seem to have read somewhere that there may be problems in restoring files if using a different version of Windows from that used for making the backup originally.

? Les Hart

There's a copy of the MS Backup on the Win95 CD, in a sub-folder of the OLDMSDOS folder... it needs to be located and installed by hand, but it is available for use in restoring backups made with the DOS/Win3.1 backup utility.

(Like a lot of Win95 issues, it's poorly documented).

I have 2 computers. One is 8 Meg RAM 540Meg Drive and the other is 16 Meg RAM 1.2Gig Drive. Is it possible to install the old version of Microsoft Office and Office 97 in my 16 Meg RAM computer without affecting each other version and my computer? I want to use the old version in my 8 Meg RAM computer as well as in my 16 Meg RAM computer.

-- Bernadette

It is possible to install both versions of MS Office onto your more powerful computer, but I'd suggest you not bother... you can install Office 97 onto the more powerful one, and the older version (Office 95? an even older, Win 3.1 version?) onto the 8-meg machine.

Then, do two things... the Office 97 CD includes filters for Office 95 and the Win 3.1 versions of Word 6 and Excel 5 enabling those earlier programs to use files saved in Office 97 formats, and there's an update available on Microsoft's web site enabling Word 97 to properly save in Word 95/Word 6 format (which was a problem with the original Word 97 release).

That way, you only need one version of Office on each computer, but can share files between them.

I have w95b and I see a folder that is called PLUS.  Is this the PLUS that I see people talking about?  If so, what exactly does it do for me?

? Richard Perry

The OEM version of Win95B (which is the only version of W95B) installs a
few of the Plus utilities by default... these include the items that
Microsoft has subsequently released for free on the Internet, such as font
smoothing and showing windows contents when dragging (you should have a
PLUS! tab in your Control Panel/Display settings).

As well, Win95B includes the version of DriveSpace, DS3 otherwise only
obtainable as part of the Plus package.

It doesn?t includes the full package of features, however... such as
the Pinball game, the System Agent, or the Desktop Themes. Luckily, it also doesn't include the Internet Explorer 1.0 version bundled with
the commercial Plus Package.

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