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Articles by Alan Zisman 2001

End on an era. Late in 2001, Vancouver Computes ceased publication. Vancouver was just too small a city to support three free computer magazines. Since I had been writing for it (and its predecessor The Computer Player) since 1992, this saddened me more than just as the loss of a venue.

On the other hand, I began writing tips for high-tech superstore Future Shop-- these were distributed in several e-mailings that the retailer sends out regularly. I'm not posting these 100-word shorties here; as a result, they will probably be lost to posterity. And near the end of the year, I started posted some work online at

My High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; 2001 columns are linked here.

Note that where there are two links for an article, the first is to the posting on my site, the second links to the publisher's website.

2001/01 Be careful what you wish for (OS X)Vancouver Computes
2001/02 Taking a PDA travellingVancouver Computes
2001/03 Taking a stand on technologyVancouver Computes
2001/04 CDs in Cracker Jack boxes? Maybe soon  Vancouver Computes
2001/05 Cross-dressing your computerVancouver Computes
2001/06 CAASTing about for pirates-- Vancouver Computes
2001/07 Happy AnniversariesVancouver Computes
2001/08 Getting what you pay for: True tales from the tech-support trenches Vancouver Computes
2001/09 It only takes one parentVancouver Computes
2001/11/30 OSX and the iMac 266 LowEnd
2001/12 A tablet for the rest of us The Computer Paper
2001/12/05 Living in a Windows World LowEnd

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