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Alan Zisman writes a weekly High Tech Office and a monthy GearGuide column for Vancouver (BC, Canada) newsweekly Business in Vancouver.

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2001/01/02 Apple's OS X takes users to an otherworldly place 584
2001/01/09 Passing on virus warnings is often the problem itself  585
2001/01/16 Megahertz drives PC sales, but it's not all-important 586
2001/01/23 Second hard-drive helps clear up user frustration  587
2001/01/30 Computers are yesterday's news (GearGuide column) 588
2001/01/30 Enhancements make Corel good value for OK product  588
2001/02 How to register a domain name How-to book
2001/02/06 Christmas proves e-shopping still an unsatisfying trip 589
2001/02/13 Computers, like people, can slow down with age 590
2001/02/20 Linux may be less popular, but it quietly struggles on 591
2001/02/27 Pictures and sound have improved-- GearGuide column 592
2001/02/27 Wireless connectivity better with AirConnect technology 592
2001/03/06 Microsoft Works 2001 offers all the power most of us need 593
2001/03/13 Caution and preparation are keys to surviving viruses 594
2001/03/20 Photoshop still impresses with newest cool effects 595
2001/03/27 Microsoft has learned to value its Mac audience 596
2001/03/27 Visor modules add amazing functions- GearGuide column 596
2001/04/03 Mac fans can easily utilize most Windows programs 597
2001/04/10 Pen-based IBM notebook misses the market 598
2001/04/17 Shortcomings of Visor Deluxe jilt a potential suitor 599
2001/04/24 Learning Web-site design by the book 600
2001/04/24 Technology that keeps pace: Lyra and Eurocom, where portable and power meet (Gear Guide Column) 600
2001/05/01 Writing for the Web requires special skills 601
2001/05/08 Software companies get tougher on licensing 602
2001/05/15 Pricey printers pay off in lower costs per page 603
2001/05/22 Mac OS X looking good, but not supported by much 604
2001/05/29 Tiny, extra-useful gadgets groove- GearGuide column 605
2001/05/29 Canada's Corel continues to improve Word Perfect 605
2001/06/05 Microsoft's Office XP is fine, but not a show-stopper 606
2001/06/12 Microsoft made software more secure -- for itself  607
2001/06/19 There are good, even free, alternatives to Microsoft 608
2001/06/26 Adobe Acrobat advances concept of 'paperless office' 609
2001/06/26 Gadget-makers continue to add usefulness  - Gear Guide column 609
2001/07/03 Pricey e-book reader gives customers no reason to buy 610
2001/07/10 Adobe's Elements offers graphics tools to non-pros 611
2001/07/17 Microsoft still top of heap, but unlikely to be as powerful 612
2001/07/24 Author says we have a right to expect well-made software 613
2001/07/31 Speedy Firewire deserves more than a quick glance 614
2001/07/31 Firewire products allow for super-fast usefulness - GearGuide column 614
2001/08/07 'Old-fashioned' database program worth checking- 615
2001/08/14 Filemaker Pro is simpler than Microsoft equivalents- 616
2001/08/21 Managing big business data is big business itself- 617
2001/08/28 Apple continues to drag computer industry forward- 618
2001/08/28 Gadget-hungry Mac fanatics have some cool choices- GearGuide column 618
2001/09/04 Connectix program turns one computer into several- 619
2001/09/11 PCs are now 20 years old, and still need improving- 620
2001/09/18 Intuit's Quickbooks Pro a useful business tool- 621
2001/09/25 Wireless network standard allows for more freedom- 622
2001/09/25 Wireless devices are hot- GearGuide column- 622
2001/10/02 New Web domains offer second chance for sites- 623
2001/10/09 Bluetooth devices better today, but still expensive and rare- 624
2001/10/16 Windows new OS brighter, more intelligent than others- 625
2001/10/23 Downside of Microsoft's new OS is the cost to users- 626
2001/10/30 Digital cameras are better, but know what you're buying- 627
2001/10/30 Picture quality zooms up: Digital cameras are no longer just second best- Gear Guide column 627
2001/11/06 ACD Systems gives digital camera users simple help- 628
2001/11/13 Adobe PageMaker struggles to draw its own audience- 629
2001/11/13 Microsoft Publisher best choice for small business- 630
2001/11/20 Great presents for everyone- Gear Guide column 630
2001/11/27 Microsoft's Pocket PC offers strong platform for devices- 631
2001/12/04 The font you choose says as much as the words you write- 632
2001/12/11 Fast, new computers may not be worth upgrade cost- 633
2001/12/18 Apple led pioneering efforts during rather gloomy 2001- 634
2001/12/18 Best of 2001 is a wide range of products- Gear Guide Column 634

All articles by Alan Zisman (c) 2001
First published in Business in Vancouver

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan