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Articles by Alan Zisman 2000

A mere 34 articles and columns this year-- a good thing I didn't quit my day job after having over twice that number published the year before! Canadian Computer Wholesaler ceased publication early in the year, (though not a victim of the Y2K bug). And belt-tightening at Toronto Computes also had its effects-- all in all, an early sign of the slowdown in the Internet and computing industries. By the second half of the year, I was down to my Softwary column, in Vancouver Computes..

My High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; 2000 columns are linked here.

Note that where there are two links for an article, the first is to the posting on my site, the second links to the publisher's website.

2000/01 Out with the Old, in With the... Improved Canadian Computer Wholesaler
2000/01 it's Bill's way or the highway (MS Works 2000) Toronto Computes
2000/01 Sledgehammer, cool Apple, sneaky Linux Toronto Computes
2000/01 Slinging code the easy way Toronto Computes
2000/01 One loser, one middling, one that rocks (PC Football games)Vancouver Computes
2000/01 Technology: the great equalizer Vancouver Computes
2000/02 Windows 2000: Insidiously Important, but upgrade isn't for everyone Canadian Computer Wholesaler
2000/02 Copy protection still a hot topic Toronto Computes
2000/02 Good game for a little gadget-- Tiger Woods for Palm Toronto Computes
2000/02 Limited but Web-friendly-- Sharp ViewcamToronto Computes
2000/02 Windows 2000 a corporate playerToronto Computes
2000/02 You asked us: PC--Dual Processor Advantage Toronto Computes
2000/03 Battery Life Improves for Notebook Users Canadian Computer Wholesaler
2000/03 Internet Security for the Home UserToronto Computes
2000/03 Storm Linux 2000 Toronto Computes
2000/03 Boot memory bad-- YAU-PC column Vancouver Computes
2000/03 Look out Backstreet Boys-- Softwary column Vancouver Computes
2000/04 Partitioning not just for GeeksToronto Computes
2000/04 Record execs fight Napster nightmaresVancouver Computes
2000/04 Sharing files, connections, and hardware (YAU PC) Vancouver Computes
2000/05 The end of Ernestine (Symantec TalkWorks 3.0) Toronto Computes
2000/05 The Magic School Bus goes buggyToronto Computes
2000/05 There's no free lunch  Vancouver Computes
2000/06 Cable vs DSL: Pros and Cons YAU-PC column Toronto Computes
2000/06 Toying with alternative OSes Vancouver Computes
2000/07 How many people love you? Vancouver Computes
2000/08 The kids are all right Vancouver Computes
2000/09 'Obsolete' computers still have value Vancouver Computes
2000/10 An Apple story (review of Apple Confidential) Toronto Computes
2000/10 Game violence-- the BC solution? Vancouver Computes
2000/11 High Tech Junk is piling up Vancouver Computes
2000/12 2000: The year that was  Vancouver Computes

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