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High Tech Office columns by Alan Zisman: 2000

by Alan Zisman (c) 2000
First published in Business in Vancouver

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2000/01/04 There is 'free' stuff online, if you don't mind the ads 532
2000/01/11 Talking to your computer is possible and worthwhile 533
2000/01/18 The Y2K bug was very real in a small, annoying way 534
2000/01/25 Many Apple users consider skipping OS 9 in favour of waiting for a really big change 535
2000/02/01 Apple's affordable iBook boasts style and power 536
2000/02/08 Would-be Linux users now have useful choices 537
2000/02/15 Windows 2000 is close to being a great system 538
2000/02/22 Notebook users demand extended battery life 539
2000/02/29 Hewlett-Packard's little computers are good, but no threat to Palm's market domination 540
2000/03/07 Protection is available from dreaded hackers 541
2000/03/14 Microsphere's Workstation offers comfort, functionality 542
2000/03/21 E-commerce proves useful for selling bricks with clicks 543
2000/03/28 Talkworks Pro Allows Small Offices to Sound Big 544
2000/04/04 It pays to plan ahead before creating a company Web site 545
2000/04/11 Revamped Microsoft Office offers users too much 546
2000/04/18 Superfast processors not necessary for most users 547
2000/04/25 Hooking up a small network is now feasible for any office 548
2000/05/02 It's hard to make a profit with a typical Web site 549
2000/05/09 Follow this slimming, 10-step program to maximize Web site sales success 550
2000/05/16 AppleWorks office suite does almost all things well 551
2000/05/23 Shared connections provide a low-cost link to the Net 552
2000/05/30 Free company PC and Net account must have strings 553
2000/06/06 Web accessibility for all is a profitable gesture 554
2000/06/13 Using a notebook computer doesn't have to be a pain 555
2000/06/20 The conduct restrictions on Microsoft deserve more press 556
2000/06/27 Virus vulnerabilities made easy by Microsoft 557
2000/07/04 Wireless message systems simplify modern life 558
2000/07/11 PocketPCs offer lots more than a Palm-ful of software 559
2000/07/18 Pro-technology writers argue paper is here to stay 560
2000/07/25 It's easy to stay connected in today's wired world 561
2000/08/01 Simulated city contains citizens with real problems 562
2000/08/08 Proving you're you is easier with signature software 563
2000/08/15 Apple's most recent spash more show than substance 564
2000/08/22 Similarities of online page-making programs means small touches make all the difference 565
2000/08/29 Windows ME is better than 2000, but not essential 566
2000/09/05 Older computers have longer life span than industry lets on 567
2000/09/12 Anypoint network adapters simple way to home network 568
2000/09/19 Illustration software makers offer mighty similar products 569
2000/09/26 A few add-ons make handheld computers truly powerful 570
2000/10/03 Handheld Web browsers useful but primitive 571
2000/10/10 Web-clipping services prove useful for handheld browsing 572
2000/10/17 Cell phone Internet use is not much to look at 573
2000/10/24 Home-grown Blackberry provides worthy Web views 574
2000/10/31 Connecting to the Web with a notebook and a cell phone is the best wireless bet  575
2000/11/07 Clever software can open files across different platforms 576
2000/11/14 Choose the most useful utilities for handhelds 577
2000/11/21 Anti-virus software keeps most computer bugs at bay 578
2000/11/28 Symantec utilities worth the price for peace of mind 579
2000/12/05 Mac users get versions of Symantec's PC software 580
2000/12/12 New version of Netscape is not yet ready for the big time 581
2000/12/19 Latest versions of Apple iMac faster, more stylish than PCs 582

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan