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Articles by Alan Zisman 1999

75 articles listed on this page! Oh my! Time to quit my day job? No, sorry. This may have kept me busy, but it didn't make me rich, even in the age of hysteria. Maybe you should talk to my editors.
My High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; 1999 columns are linked here.

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1999/01 Drive Cloning Software Simplifies the Set-up Chore Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/01 It Sounds Like War-- Battling for the hearts and wallets of PC sound card buyers Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/01 Every night can be hockey night with NHL 99 Toronto Computes!
1999/01 Getting Macs and PCs to shareToronto Computes!
1999/01 Math Can be Fun-- Honest! (Arthur's math carnival/Personal Tutor) Toronto Computes!
1999/01 Seeing the world through a fish-eye lens (Salmon Odyssey) Toronto Computes!
1999/01 Listen to your mother-- back up your hard drive regularly!Vancouver Computes
1999/01 Norton gives users the works Vancouver Computes
1999/01 YAU-PC: Lock your windows Vancouver Computes
1999/02 The Promise of LED: affordable color and high performanceCanadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/02 Basketball gets full season with NBA Live 99 Toronto Computes
1999/02 E-mail options for small businesses Toronto Computes
1999/02 MP3/CD-R combo rattles music industryToronto Computes
1999/02 Expand your Age of Empires Vancouver Computes!
1999/02 Sometimes simplicity is just too simple Vancouver Computes!
1999/02 You Asked Us PC Vancouver Computes!
1999/03 Pentium III is more like Pentium 2.1Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/03 Reading up on Windows 98? Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/03 Speedy Net connections offer promise, problems Toronto Computes
1999/03 Acrobatics for the novice user-- YAU-PC Vancouver Computes
1999/03 Helping Canadians beat computing fearsVancouver Computes
1999/03 Upgrading computer much like needing a new vehicle Vancouver Computes
1999/04 What's Hot, What's Not: Techtalk column Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/04 Graphics programs offer something to everyone Toronto Computes
1999/04  Pondering the fate of Win 3.1 (YAU-PC) Vancouver Computes
1999/04 Get your kicks with FIFA 99 Vancouver Computes
1999/04 Seldom what they seem: game emulatorsVancouver Computes
1999/05 Overclocking... what are your customers getting into? Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/05 Classic utilities programs updated Toronto Computes
1999/05 Computer language tutor is patient and supportive Toronto Computes
1999/05 New PC utilities want to save your data Toronto Computes
1999/05 Hey, you got Mac in my PC network!-- YAU PC Vancouver Computes
1999/05 'Stupidware' nominations gratefully accepted here Vancouver Computes
1999/05 Superbike World Championship offers realism Vancouver Computes
1999/06 USB is (finally) a contender-- Techtalk column Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/06 E-mail growing more tenaciousToronto Computes
1999/06 Froggy Phonics: A frog in your throatVancouver Computes
1999/06 Microsoft Wheels in ExcitementVancouver Computes
1999/06 Reader's nostalgia for his good old Windows-- YAU PC Vancouver Computes
1999/07 Apple and Microsoft offer modest OS Upgrades Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/07 PCs, '99-Style: TechTalk column Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/07 E-commerce for the little guyToronto Computes
1999/07 Creative software for the preschool set-- Buddy Brush Vancouver Computes
1999/07 EA Sports' Triple Play still king of diamonds Vancouver Computes
1999/07 Homemade CDs spook the music industry-- Softwary column Vancouver Computes
1999/07 Upgrading Win98 again after a crash-- YAU-PC column Vancouver Computes
1999/08 AMD's Athlon CPU: A New Era? Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/08 OS updates 'optional  Toronto Computes
1999/08 Having a computer means everything's connected-- Softwary Vancouver Computes
1999/08 Kids and computers: No cause for alarmVancouver Computes
1999/08 Readers runs a Windows pentathlon-- YAU PC Vancouver Computes
1999/09 3D Video Sizzles! Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/09 DreamWriter offers schools possible computer compromiseToronto Computes
1999/09 Margin of error: YAU PC column Toronto Computes
1999/09 Microsoft stakes out mid-range graphics territory (PhotoDraw 2000) Toronto Computes
1999/09 Symantec/Norton gives you the worksToronto Computes
1999/09 Summer doldrums: A tale of two product launchesVancouver Computes
1999/10 Which Processor Does Your Customer Need? Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/10 I'd Like to Do Windows: YAU PC column Toronto Computes
1999/10 PC Nanny brings basic security to PC desktop Toronto Computes
1999/10 A Tale of Two Operating Systems Vancouver Computes
1999/11 Intel stumbles -- Techtalk column Canadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/11 How do I keep the kids out? YAU PC Toronto Computes
1999/11 What, more Norton stuff already? Toronto Computes
1999/11 Add Linux and stir...  Vancouver Computes
1999/11 All-in-wonder is wonderful for TV-landVancouver Computes
1999/11 Pandora's Box is not really evilVancouver Computes
1999/11 The Evolution of Electronic Arts Vancouver Computes
1999/12 Bah Humbug! Don't let creaky PC designs spoil the holidaysCanadian Computer Wholesaler
1999/12 Explorer be gone! (YAU-PC) Toronto Computes
1999/12 Graphics Software at an affordable price (PSP 6.) Toronto Computes
1999/12 Just a lonely Mac user in a PC world (VPC 3.0) Toronto Computes
1999/12 New game platform desperately seeking games (Dreamcast) Toronto Computes
1999/12 Your chance to play for the Stanley Cup (NHL 2000) Toronto Computes
1999/12 Gizmos and gadgets and gear-- Oh my!Vancouver Computes-- Softwary column

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