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High Tech Office columns by Alan Zisman: 1999

by Alan Zisman (c) 1999
First published in Business in Vancouver

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1999/01/05 Computerized phones, CD-Rom business cards are among the best gadget offerings this season 480
1999/01/12 Small businesses now have cheaper, easier options for networking PCs via phone jacks and power outlets 481
1999/01/19 PC users need to look at three levels to make it through Y2K unscathed 482
1999/01/26 Free help is available on the Web for those facing personal Y2K problems 483
1999/02/02 Most computer users can avoid the ill effects of Y2K 484
1999/02/09 Net directories and how-to books offer tips for kids, veteran surfers and even newbies 485
1999/02/16 Affordable, high-speed access to the Web is easier for home users than for business 486
1999/02/23 Most spam may be bland ir even tasteless, but junk e-mail can also serve a purpose 487
1999/03/02 You can burn or shred hard copy memos, but e-mails are eternally damning 488
1999/03/09 Local firms offer improved software packages that bring Web sites to life 489
1999/03/16 Brand-new Pentium III computers are fine, but don't be taken in by the media hype 490
1999/03/23 New concerns over Internet security leave computer users surfing for fixes 491
1999/03/30 Time spent on Desktop spring cleaning can easily simplify your electronic life 492
1999/04/06 Computer viruses can be a serious problem but using protection can save your system 493
1999/04/13 New Palm computers offer more power and a wider range of handheld services 494
1999/04/20 Hewlett Packard's Jornada palm PC is more than just a miniature computer 495
1999/04/27 For the gutsy, 'hands-on' computer user; Linux is an operating system to beat the rest 496
1999/05/04 Taking advantage of built-in USB connections means PC owners have to hunt down support 497
1999/05/11 Apple's iMac is a colourful home computer that proves its power against PC machines 498
1999/05/18 Antivirus software isn't effective if you don't keep it up to date 499
1999/05/25 Hands-free phone earset can be a true life-saver 500
1999/06/01 Operating system upgrades offer some extras, but nothing that can't wait until later 501
1999/06/08 Both Apple and Microsoft system upgrades will break away from current standards 502
1999/06/15 There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there are free computers -- for a price 503
1999/06/22 ecBuilder offers an affordable and simple way for smaller firms to cash in on e-commerce 504
1999/06/29 Corel offers a solid upgrade for venerable Word Perfect 505
1999/07/06 Take e-mail warning with a grain of salt and a hint of caution 506
1999/07/13 Microsoft's market-leading Office 2000 update offers real improvements 507
1999/07/20 Readers respond on viruses and pesky e-mail hoaxes 508
1999/07/27 The best business Web sites know that less is more 509
1999/08/03 Adobe moves to 'reposition' its PageMaker software for nonprofessional users 510
1999/08/10 Hot-selling portable PCs offer wide range of features 511
1999/08/17 Totally wireless PC access is fast becoming a reality 512
1999/08/24 Corel's flagship upgrade marks tenth birthday 513
1999/08/31 Adobe's high-end graphics programs are improved but still expensive 514
1999/09/07 Finance and news outdo sex on the Net 515
1999/09/14 Paranoia about the Net is a justifiable reaction 516
1999/09/21 ICANN means businesses can go online more easily 517
1999/09/28 The many varieties of PCs can do what's necessary 518
1999/10/05 High tech has come far in a very fast 10 years 519
1999/10/12 Microsoft's many Windows are not created equal 520
1999/10/19 Apple fanatics really can enjoy the best of both their Macs and Windows PCs 521
1999/10/26 There are useful solutions to Microsoft's limitations (Backup Exec, QVP, Drive Image Pro) 522
1999/11/02 Norton turns in impressive updates to utility programs 523
1999/11/09 Interim chair Steve Jobs has revitalized Apple Computers with colourful new products 524
1999/11/16 SmartSuite from Lotus is solid office software 525
1999/11/23 Sun Microsystems offers StarOffice suite free as a way to stick it to competitor Microsoft 526
1999/11/30 InDesign finally offers competition for Quark 527
1999/12/07 E-mail virus warnings can be a destructive force 528
1999/12/14 Flashy mouse stirring in Microsoft's house 529
1999/12/21 Don't freak out over Y2K, but do a last-minute check 530

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan