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Proto-barbarism Manifesto


(by /cual): Serious Poems


Love in the Time of Logocentrism

Assurnasirpal Deconstructed

Achilles AKA Mack the Knife

Cryptal DADA #I

Beowulf Dead in L.A.

Assur "Nature boy" Nasirpal

Arma Christi Olofi

Fortuna Blues

Hymn to Moyocoyßtzin

Zuhair Post-structurally Hanged

Satyr Dreams


Morning Becomes Medusa

Morgan à Gwyr hight The Fair Sorceress

Death of  a Fair Knight

Requiem for London after the Riots

Stone Ghost

Sir Launcelot's Blues

God Bless the Rich Child

Whither America 2017?

Accidental Love

The Long Road to Bliss

Bird's Katabasis

By the Craters of Babylon

Extinction Haiku

Stand by Me, O ShaktiDeva, at the End of Time

What Ipui Believed

(by /cual): Doodlin' Poems

Odysseus' Shanty

TXT-msg Poem from the GWOT

Don't Mess with Ariovistus

A Juicy Egyptian Affair

Crossed Wires

Wild Babe's Got No Mercy

Heavily Redacted Limericks

O¨,, ... qui a Haiku

Pyrrho's Corner Gas

More poetry by /cual (Pascual Delgado) can be found at:



The Watchtower of Judah - a one act play

The Tragedy of Debutante Arlene and Skylark the Crystal Freak

The Tragedy of Star-crossed Lovers Princess Aida and Captain Radames

(by Kimberly Beth Watson):


The City of Brotherly Love

small celebrations

(by Captain Self-Destruct):


gateway car.

soon, this will be a museum.

sir, you must speak into the microphone.

a seizure in a sharp suit.

hello atmosphere

the last calendar on earth.



(by /cual)

Dissing Kline

La Checonda

The Temptations of Saint Anthony

The Cloning of the Goddess Cybele

Mona Tonatiuh

Mona Lisa Starts to Lose It

Noses defaced by iconoclasts returned to idols


Cuban Madonna Sinks the Titanic!

A Tantric Miracle

King Felipe's Premonition

Hannibal Prostrate before the Gates of Carthage

The Hannibal...before extensive restoration

Mondrian's Meltdown

Still Life

Ghost of Chaka Rides Through Missouri

Woman with a Beer Hat and KFC Bucket

Two Snow Globes for the Price of One!

Flying Buttress Solutions - Series 1

The Tristan Tzara Rupa

Hunterland - The Patrol Car


The Solution to Egypt's Recession

Minotaur's Lover Waiting to Pose for Leonardo

Mister Natural is Texting to the Whole World!

(by Christie Devereaux)

Territory and Borders

Political Rhetoric

Tricky Mickey

Warrior Against the Erosion of Humanity

500 A˝os de Resistencia

(by Shem)


(by Nureyla Kama)

Untitled #1

Untitled #2

(by Mushka Lightstone)

In the Beginning

(by Rena Okada)

Still Life in Motion

(by Jimmy Panoutsopoulos)

Montreal Spring


The Wart-hog Bitch of Indecision

GM's C.E.O. contemplates his future