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    Operation Neptune in a School Setting-- Page 2

    by  Alan Zisman (c) 2004

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    Voyager Game:

    Data Cannister
    Data Canister: If the numbers are getting bigger, they are either adding or multiplying by the same number. Compare the first two numbers... in this case, to go from 3 to 11, they are probably adding 8. Check by adding 8 to 11... you get the next number: 19. If adding doesn't work, try multiplying. When you've found the pattern, use it to get the missing number. 

    Data Cannister- Fractions
    As students continue, the Data Cannister problems start to include patterns with fractions. In this example, the denominators are all the same, (8), while the numerators are increasing in a recognizable pattern, so the missing number is 6/8. As these get harder, students may need to convert some of the fractions to get a common denominator.

    Ballast Control Panel
    Ballast Control Panel: click on numbers until they add up to the amount of ballast you need. For instance, to get 59 pounds, you could click on 25, then another 25, then 5, then on four 1s. Click Done when you're finished.

    Toxicity Graph
    Toxicity Graph: To find how much the toxicity has decreased or increased over two days, find the amounts for each day and subtract. Note that in this example, the amount for Yesterday was 1800-- in between the 1600 and 2000 lines.

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