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Articles by Alan Zisman 1997

Following the sale of the Vancouver Computer Player to The Computer Paper/Canada Computes, I began writing three monthly columns: Softwary appeared in the Vancouver edition only. You Asked Us: PC, responding to reader technical questions, appeared in both Toronto and Vancouver editions, and TechTalk appeared in Canadian Computer Wholesaler. As well, I wrote many other articles, which appeared in various editions, including in Quebec Micro (in French translation)

My High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; 1997 columns are linked here.

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First appearance in Computer Player (Vancouver):

1997/01 Use utilities to tune up your Win95 machine
1997/02 Create instant caricatures with Let's Draw
1997/03 How many bugs are too many?
1997/04 Happy 20th to BC's Basicly BBS
1997/04 Operating Systems: head to head comparison (NT section)
1997/04 The persistance of DOS
1997/05 Capsule OS Histories: NT
1997/05 Running old DOS games in Windows 95
1997/06 Add a new hard drive for elbow room
1997/06 Can shareware survive the Net?
1997/06 Rediscovering your DOS drivers
1997/06 Take a joke: Dave Barry in Cyberspace
1997/07 Corel revitalizes WordPerfect Suite
1997/07 Gathering digital images
1997/07 Waste not, want not
1997/08 Plus for Kids is for parents, too
1997/08 You Asked Us- PC
1997/09 Deciphering Computer Ads
1997/09 Educator's Enthusiasm for technology leaves legacy for BC schools
1997/09 You Asked US PC
1997/10 Keeping up with the latest and greatest comes at a cost
1997/10 Peakjet speeds up the world wide wait
1997/10 You Asked Us-- PC
1997/11 Data backup wisdom hard earned
1997/11 Mac Web programs begin covering Windows
1997/11 You Asked Us-- PC
1997/12 Cluster slack revisited-- here's what I did
1997/12 Virtual Hockey Excitement: NHL98, Powerplay 98
1997/12 You Asked Us-- PC

First appearance in Toronto Computes:

1997/02 The crazy computer biz exposed: PC Roadkill by Michael Hyman
1997/06 You Asked Us- PC
1997/09 PC Utilities Roundup

Canadian Computer Wholesaler:

1997/01 This isn't your 1997 PC... Big changes are coming in computer design
1997/02 MMX-- the new standard
1997/03 Waiting for the Universal Serial Bus
1997/04 New Video and Serial Buses promise much improved performance
1997/05 Remembrance of things future
1997/06 Microsoft, Intel fight Network Computer
1997/07 Why are we still waiting?
1997/08 Clone CPUS challenge Intel at both ends
1997/09 Breaking in is hard to do-- cloners try to dent Intel's sales
1997/10 The Empire Strikes Back: Intel's CPU strategy
1997/11 Dusting off the Crystal Ball
1997/12 The Next Generation? Merced takes us across 64-bit frontier

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan