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Articles by Alan Zisman 1996

The first full year of the Internet explosion, was also the year that Our Computer Player, renamed Computer Player, along with its stablemate Canadian Computer Wholesaler were sold to the publishing empire that, among others, publishes The Computer Paper, Toronto Computes, Ottawa Computes (etc), and Quebec Micro (en francais). While the Player kept its name (at least for a while), more and more, its editorial content came from Toronto Computes. What that meant for me was that many of my articles went national, appearing in various Canada Computes publications as well as in Vancouver's Computer Player.

My High Tech Office column continued in Business in Vancouver; 1996 columns are linked here.

1996/01 1995 in Review
1996/01 3 Cards let laptops stay connected-- anywhere
1996/01 Kids Playing in Traffic on the Information Superhighway
1996/01 PC Cards... the little cards that could
1996/02 ASAP does a lot with less
1996/02 Two affordable all-in-one solutions for home and small offices
1996/03 Internet Books-- the next generation
1996/03 What's new on CD-ROM players
1996/03 Whither the Web?
1996/04 Just click the button-- the computer does the rest
1996/05 Lotus SmartSuite 96 challenges Microsoft Office
1996/05 Remote control with pcAnywhere
1996/05 Strain your clicking finger? Try using the keyboard instead
1996/05 The evolution of storage: yesterday, today, & tomorrow
1996/05 Whatever became of Windows 95?
1996/06 InfoWave--arming the road warrior
1996/06 Lantastic 95-- a good choice for small networks
1996/06 Leo's Notebook-- the lion roars
1996/06 Taking it all with you-- portable computing
1996/07 A bunch of books for rainy days at the beach
1996/07 Multimedia eats the personal computer! Crime of the decade!
1996/08 Client/Server-- Yesterday's prince, today's frog, but as for tomorrow?
1996/08/15 Web pages for do-it-yourselfers
1996/08/16 Poor Person's Photoshop-- Paint Shop Pro 4.0
1996/09/13 There and back again... how your data travels on the Net
1996/11/08 Grind your mind-- Microforum MindGrind
1996/12/06 New WinNT a bit quirky and demanding

Toronto Computes

1996/11 Belatedly celebrating Win95's birthday with Idiots and Bugs

Ottawa Computes:

1996/12 Native people's CDROM-- another class act from Microsoft

Canadian Computer Wholesaler

1996/06 Infrared isn't just glowing in the dark
1996/07 ATX-- Intel reinvents the PC
1996/09 Can you sell computers to the public school system?
1996/10 Windows NT 4.0-- should it be part of your product line?
1996/11 Lantastic 7.0-- More satisfying, less filling

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