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Articles by Alan Zisman 1995

1995 saw Windows 95 wipe out IBM's OS/2, though Microsoft hatched its own egg with MS Bob. The Internet seemed to be everywhere, though it seemed like there were more books published about it than people actually using it. And both the Internet and Windows 95 gave software publishers a chance to release new versions of virtually everything. The folks at Our Computer Player launched a new publication: Canadian Computer Wholesaler. And I started writing a weekly High Tech Office column for Vancouver newsweekly Business in Vancouver-- click here for links to my 1995 BIV columns.
Here'sthe big guy, himself... at a computer, naturally!

Our Computer Player

1995/01 Duelling operating systems: a tentative look at OS/2 Warp and Windows 95
1995/02 Lost at sea on the internet highway: two books, one author
1995/02 The Quest for Speed: Octek DCA-2
1995/03 A chicken in every pot...a PC in every home
1995/03 What about Bob?
1995/04 DTP Today
1995/04 Notebooks just get better and better
1995/05 CD Drives Today
1995/05 Go exploring with Delorme: Global Explorer CD
1995/05 Lotus makes it easy to get organized
1995/05 Microsoft Natural Keyboard: Back to nature
1995/05 Paperless Office> Not Quite: Wordscan 3.0
1995/05 Roll your own Web pages
1995/05 Support Your local software developer: QMedia
1995/05 Two sports games team up for action
1995/06 Multimedia Diva: Nettwerk Record's Sarah McLaughlin
1995/06 Looking Forward to Windows 95
1995/06 Yet another Internet book meets not just another Internet book
1995/07 Norton Utilities: Ready for Windows 95
1995/07 Sailing the Internet's Stormy Seas: Mosaic Navigator book
1995/07 Two shareware gems from JASC
1995/09 Corel Draw 6: New for 95
1995/09 Microsoft's Plus Pack.. the first add on for Win95
1995/09 Norton's ready for Windows 95
1995/09 Ready for School in 95
1995/09 Some New Programs
1995/10 Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 95
1995/10 Two books from the Pros
1995/10 MS Office: This Suite smells of success
1995/10 Selecting a new printer
1995/11 Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
1995/11 Lantastic 6.0-- great system for small networks struggles...
1995/11 PC Survival Guide
1995/12 Rocking and rolling with your PC
1995/12 Stuff for Christmas
1995/12 Three Programs and a Freebie for Windows 95

Canadian Computer Wholesaler

1995/08 Welcome to the future according to Windows 95

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan