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Articles published by Alan Zisman: 1994

Once again, that year, I was often-published in Vancouver's Our Computer Player. Multimedia and CD-ROMs continued to be the biggest theme of the year. Online mostly meant connecting to local BBSs and commercial online services like Compuserve, but there was just starting to be a buzz about something called Mosaic. The Internet just began to make it onto our collective radar screens near the end of the year. It was, however, the year that brought us Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT, and the first of Apple's PowerMacs, as well as the first (but not last) time I would write about computer viruses.

1994/01/14 Word 6 for Windows-- for now, as good as it gets
1994/01/14 Lotus SmartSuite: All the software you need?
1994/01/14 Microsoft Works (3.0 for DOS)
1994/01/14 New and improved Windows for the rest of us
1994/01/14 Should your business be on-line?
1994/01/14 TrueSpeed Video gets faster and faster
1994/02/18 CommWorks for Windows
1994/02/18 Jazz: A multimedia history
1994/02/18 Multimedia 1994: the state of the art
1994/02/18 Take this year's model for a test drive
1994/03/18 Apple Windows?-- Software for the rest of us?
1994/03/18 Can't afford a PDA? Read all about it!
1994/03/18 CD-ROM features BC Photos
1994/03/18 Small Office/Home Office: not just another buzzword
1994/03/18 VGA>TV Elite lets you take your presentation on the road
1994/04/15 Color, a 486, CD-ROM and under 7 lbs
1994/04/15 Excel 5: back as leader of the pack
1994/04/15 Mad about PC video
1994/04/15 New on the desktop: PC Tools for Win 2.0
1994/04/15 Tired of tiny video? Try Reel Magic
1994/05/20 Seeing is believing? Not any more!
1994/05/20 Software for nothing
1994/05/20 The Tale of Peter Rabbit: How NOT to design children's software
1994/05/20 Windows NT: Nother Time for many?
1994/07 Fastest multimedia kit-- and you can take it to the beach
1994/07 More security for Windows and DOS users?
1994/07 Power PC: not ready for you and me?
1994/08 Canon's BJ-600 provides affordable colour
1994/08 Corel 5 gives users more-- but is it more than they want?
1994/08 Home again with Microsoft
1994/09 Computer Viruses
1994/09 Distant Suns on CD: A planetarium on your desktop
1994/09 Remote control software: the next best thing to being there
1994/09 So you think you want to start a BBS?
1994/09 WinProbe fails to look at enough
1994/10 Buying a computer for school
1994/10 Close Approaches of the Third kind
1994/10 Futurus Team Combo 3.0 E-mail
1994/10 Waiting for Chicago?: Two new shells
1994/10 Your Mac doesn't need to be alone anymore
1994/11 Just for kids
1994/11 Mapping as easy as 1-2-3
1994/11 My Way, That's the I-way
1994/12 Be the next Steven Spielberg?: Digital Review Studio
1994/12 Computers are cool: Hip Nettwerk Records tells us so
1994/12 Do it yourself virtual reality
1994/12 Not too small, not too big... just right: PC Paintbrush
1994/12 Putting the personal into personal information manager

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Alan Zisman is a Vancouver educator, writer, and computer specialist. He can be reached at E-mail Alan