Wendy McNeill's  "Ask Me No Questions"

Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm  (waltz time)
i walked in the garden and what did i see?
fresh blood on some feathers and an old coyote
smiling and growling, looked straight in my eyes
said ´ask me no questions, i´ll tell you no lies´

Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm
where did you come from? how long will you stay?
like a curious cat, i kept firing away
he had a great story, that much i could tell
he said, ´i am from heaven and i am from hell´

Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm  (zither solo)

Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm
´for decades and decades i´ve hunted and roamed
but i go incognito no shape of my own
sometimes i am human and rather well known
sometimes i´ m the whisper on your nights alone´

  C, G, Fm, C  
  i´ll say, can you see,

  Eb/Bb, Db/Ab, Ab/Eb   
  it´s not about hope, it´s not about truth, don´t be naive

  C, G, Fm, C  
  just come dance with me,

  Eb/Bb, Db/Ab, Ab/Eb  
  i´ll keep you safe-give you all you can take- i´ll make you happy´

(lovely accordion-zither duet)
Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm

Bfm, Fm, C7, Fm
i spun on my heal and i ran toward the street
he was so close behind me i could hear his heart beat
i turned round to face him but he took to the sky
and a dozen old blackbirds started to cry
they said, ´ask him no questions, he´ll tell you no lies´
they said, ´ask him no questions , he´ll tell you no lies´