P1: The Blast - Litton bombing: Bomb fallout nukes cruise contract, Pigs smash Wyers squat, Peltier to get new hearing, Japan anarchist on death row

P2: Ken Dyarmand - Thatcher fan arrested, Brinks Trial - life terms for BLA members, Radikal editors jailed for dissent, Native Olympics run for autonomy,

P3: Vancouver Five - The conspiracy in the courtroom, Surveillance - Even the walls have ears

P4: Vancouver Five - Ann Hansen: Feminist resistance vs reform, Doug Stewart: Living in reality, Surveillance - Reach out and tap somebody

P5: The poverty of coffeehouse activism - Litton and the Left

P6: (continuations) - Direct Action exposed Litton, Vancouver Five update

P7-8: Letter from Nicaragua - Vanguard leadership and direct democracy

P9: Spain's Fascists thriving - Rose-tinted fascism

P10: Defusing the anti-nuke movement - EAR plugs in

P11: The marginals strike back - Peace breaks out from behind party lines

P12 Poster
P12/13: Fuck Work poster

P14-15: Solidarity inquest - Who's afraid of the general strike?

P16-17: Noam Chomsky - The manufacture of consent

P18: Augustin Souchy - Devoted to ideals of freedom, Anarchist publications

P19 Continuations
P19: Orwell was no cold warrior

P20: Continuations: Litton, Orwell, EAR ache

P21: News from nowhere, Book review - The invisible dictator

P22 Continuations
P22-23: Roadside notes

Back cover
Back Cover

Issue Sixteen, Spring 1984

“Japan: Anarchist on death row,” author unknown, pages 1-2. Reports on the jailing of K. Omori who was convicted (on very sketchy evidence) of bombing a government office on the island of Hokkaido in March 1976, an event in which two people died. He was arrested on witness reports having seen him the night of the bombing, that he had sugar and batteries in his house. During the trial Omori denied any involvement but claimed that he supported the action and also tried to punch the judge. Hokkaido was occupied by the Japanese in 1868 the Ainu, the inhabitants of the island, were treated as slave labour, the women raped and many died in conflict. Omori, while not an Ainu, supports the Ainu anti-Japanese campaigns.

“Peltier to get new hearing: Starts hunger strike” page 1-2, author unknown. Reports that LP, Standing Deer and another prisoner, Rechaza, who have all been the victims of guard beatings at Marion, were launching a “'Fast for Life'”(1) to push for a ban on spiritual practices to be lifted.

“The Brinks Trial: Life Terms for BLA Members” author unknown, page 2. Reports on the sentencing of Judy Clark, David Gilbert and Kuwasi Balagoon (an anarchist) in the BLA Brinks truck robbery, each given three consecutive 25-year old sentences (to life).