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Internet starting points for busy teachers

by Alan Zisman (c) 2001

Search Engines:

(fast, clean interface, accurate and easy to use-- my favourite starting point)
(very powerful, but complex)
(popular general purpose)
AltaVista Canada:
(good starting point for grades 4-9)
(a good choice for focussing your search)
For more on using search engines efficiently, see my search tutorial...

Other resources:

Encyclopedia Britannica:

Busy Teacher’s Website:

(database of educational research and more)

Ask a scientist:
(They won't do your students' homework, but will get a practicing scientist to answer the genuinely curious)

BC Provincial Exams and answer keys:
(Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read/print the exams and answer keys. If you don't have it, you can download it (free) from:

WebQuests (gd 9-12):
WebQuests are structured assignments that have students use web-based information.

VSB Media Services:
Vancouver teachers can search and book media resources

Vancouver Public Library catalogue:

Quick Tips:

Bibliography format:

Author.  “Article Title.” Name of WWW site.  Online.  <Web address> Access date.
Cordiner, Karen.  “Bibliography and Citation Guidelines.” Prince of Wales Library. Online.  <>  March 10, 1999.

How to save online graphics:

Right-mouse button click on the picture (or on a Mac, click and hold the button down)—a menu will pop up. Choose the option saying Save Image As… (and be able to navigate to a location that you’ll be able to find again. You’ll need to be able to import GIF or JPEG graphics into your word processor to use them!)


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