Satyr Dreams*

Dreams, With eyes wide closed
The fleeting shadow play
in shimmering that mocks
the mind, formless velvet art
Issue from no temples,
return to the time before
No heavenly power sends them –
your name and baptism,
Each man creates his own,
before the grammar school
of certified perception,
When prostrate limbs grow heavy
before first desire: And the play
of the mind is unchecked,

Alicia’s long blond braid
The mind enacts in darkness
disturbing fantasies of suckling
The dramas of daylight.

genital grafts.

The shatterer of cities in war,
Return to the days of innocence and fear
Who burns unfortunate towns, before
your father’s agony Sees flying spears,
broken ranks, before diaspora before
The death of kings, luminous snowstorms
Plains awash with spilt blood.
when friends and lovers would
be loyal forever

The barrister pleads again
in nightmare, and the world could change
Sees the twelve tables, the court,
in a whirlwind of banners
and conga lines The guarded bench.
before corporate and tribal
          The miser salts away his money
before the end of history
To find his gold
dug up.

The hunter flushes the woodland with his hounds.
and as the last man you sink
The sailor dreams he is doomed,
into Her perfect symmetrical
Drags out of the sea
the upturned poop
fathomless and fragrant

to cling to…

And the hound

in his slumbers embroidered
Bays at the hare’s tracks


* Passages in italics are all Quotes from Fragment XXX, Gaius Petronius, The Satyricon, translated by John Sullivan.

/cual ( February 2003, revised June 2005)

(c) 2005 by Pascual Delgado

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