Odysseus' Shanty

  /cual (July 2006) *

Louie Louie,
O Calypso,
Oh, no!
Ogygian nymph,
me gotta go.
for too long knits a false shroud.
Fine little girl
my loyal wife
waits for me
fends off suitors
catch a ship
or small raft
across the sea.
O let me go!
Sail that ship about
as far as Ithaca
all alone.
Hermes speed
Never know if
after seven long years
I make it home.
before I die.
Three night and day
and seven long years
I sail the sea,
my crewmen died
think of girl
the sirens sang
“Son of pain”
on that ship,
madness sails
I dream she there.
I smell the rose
and kiss the musk
in her hair…
on her sweat.
See Jamaica,
in delirium,
the moon above
Skylla below.
It won’t be long,
Thy will be done,
me see me love.
In Ithaca
Take her in
my arms again.
kill all her suitors and then
Tell her I’ll never
leave again.
and I be restored as king.
Aeolouie Louie,
oh, honey!
me gotta go now.

* Quoting the lyrics of the song “Louie, Louie”  originally written by Richard Berry (c) 1956, modified by The  Kingsmen in  their 1963 recording.

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