Assurnasirpal Deconstructed

          (pastiche by /cual – @ August 2005)    

The social void is scattered *
to the power of their chariots, armies…**
and hands trusted with interstitial objects
to engage in...battle…

and crystalline clusters
I… overthrow;…
which spin around their chariots
and coalesce 6,000 of their warriors…
in a cerebral chiaroscuro.

the remainder in starvation
in the desert of the Euphrates
I shut up…

So is the mass,
in the narrows of the Euphrates…
an in vacuo aggregation of individual particles,

and I outflanked Aziel,
refuse of the social
and… who fled before…
media impulses: to save his life…

an opaque nebula
whose growing density
the Euphrates,…absorbs
all the surrounding energy and light rays,
I crossed in ships of hardened skins:
to collapse finally under its own weight.

I approached the land of Carchemish:…
A black hole which engulfs the social…

Today, everything has changed:
twenty talents of silver,…
no longer is meaning
in short supply,

bracelets of gold,
is produced everywhere,
scabbards of gold,…
in ever increasing quantities

–it is demand which is weakening.
And it is the production of this
extensive furniture of his palace,
demand for meaning
of incomprehensible perfection…
which has become crucial for the system.

Without this...200 female slaves,…
power is nothing
precious stones,
horns of buffaloes,
but an empty simulacrum

and an isolated effect of
white chariots, perspective…
Exaltation of micro-desires,

images of gold,…
small differences,
unconscious practices,
the great sea of Phoenicia…
anonymous marginalities.

Final somersault to the gods
of the intellectuals I sacrificed;
to exalt insignificance,
I took tribute of the Princes…
to promote non-sense

of the lands of Tyre, Sidon, Gebal,…
into the order of sense.
And to transfer it back on the sea-coast…
to political reason.

teeth of dolphins,…
Banality, inertia,
I received as their tribute…

to Istar, Lady of Nineveh
on my knees I knelt…

I, Assur-nasir-pal,…used to be fascist;
–without changing meaning,
who combats injustice,
without ceasing to have meaning.

Lord of all Kings,…
Micro-revolution of banality,
glory of the Moon-god
transpolitics of desire
worshipper of Anu,…

–one more trick of the 'liberationists'.
suppliant of the gods,
The denial of meaning
an unyielding servant,…
has no meaning…

There is no possible distinction
between the spectacular I,…
and the symbolic,
and…no distinction possible
mighty and fearless
between the 'crime'
and the 'repression.'
from the rising
to the setting of the sun

It is this uncontrollable
eruption of reversibility
that is the true
victory of terrorism...
to my yoke subjugated.

* Jean Baudrillard –In the Shadow of Silent Majorities, or The End of the Social and Other Essays, NY: Semiotext(e), (1978, 1983) translated by Paul Foss, John Johnston, and Paul Patton.
** All text in italics from an inscription  by Assurnasirpal (king of Assyria from 883 to 858 B.C.)  found in the ruins of the temple at the foot of the pyramid at Nimroud, quoted in Babylonian and Assyrian Literature, translated by  J. M. Rodwell, P. F. Collier & Son, New York, Colonial Press, 1901.

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