Cryptal DADA # I (pastiche by /cual @ January 2007) *

the cakes of sainted haloes
or the sweat of Heraclius
a meandering chase through the atmosphere…
did not admit that the lapsi
The attempt of Jesus and the Bible,
could do penance for their sins.
conceal, under their ample,
benevolent wings:
But Eusebius taught shit,
that these unhappy animals ones,
and days…After the carnage
should weep for their faults.

we are left with the hope of a purified humanity…
Joy rises like an arrow up to the astral strata,
From the passionate rage of the people,
or descends into the mines
strewn with the flowers of corpses…

Look everywhere for stalactites,
divided into two factions,
in crèches magnified by pain,
eyes as white as angels’ hairs…
came seditions, slaughters,

All flowers aren’t saints,…
and what is divine in us
war, discord, strife
is the awakening of anti-human action…
till suddenly the tyrant Maxentius
Is the kitchen of grace,
our white, lithe
or fleshy girl cousins…
banished both.

Being governed by morals and logic
The Pontiff,
has made us impassive towards policemen
who stood for pledges of peace
–the cause of slavery–
bore exile serenely,
putrid rats
awaiting divine judgement
who have infected the corridors
and left the world
of clear and clean glass…
and earthly life

on the Sicilian shores.

* Quoted from Tristan Tzara – “DADA Manifesto” published in 391, March 23rd, 1918. Zurich.

All text in italics is from a poem by Saint Damascus (366 – 384 A.D.) in honour of Pope Eusebius, martyred in 310 A.D., from a crypt in the Roman catacombs. Translated from the Greek by Istituto Salesiano San Callisto, Rome.

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