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***= highly recommended!
  • Grade Calculators:(Mac and PC) A spreadsheet template to record student marks and calculate term and year percentages. Mac--ClarisWorks 2/3 ~ ClarisWorks/AppleWorks 4/5 ~ Windows-- Microsoft Works 2 ~ MS Works 3 ~ MS Works 4/2000 ~ PC/Mac-- Excel 3 ~Excel 4 ~ Excel 5/95/97/98/2000
  • Mac markbook managers for teachers:  Teacher Tool- classic or OSX or iMark or Marks 1.1 for Mac OS X
  • Teacher Tool also has a Windows utility that calculates the percentage and letter grade for tests, quizzes, or assignments. The user can choose to use the default grading scale or use their own.
  • *** Duet Software  is two Vancouver teachers, Peter Findlay and Doug Colpitts. They produce a series of excellent programs for teachers and schools, including AType, The BC Games, and Silhouette. Programs are for sale, only in affordable school-wide license versions; there are free demo downloads of many programs.
  • LS Quiz helps make computer-based multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Homework Builder makes intermediate-level math homework and worksheets, mixing and matching problem levels and type: Mac classic OS
  • Powerbullet  is a free program for making Powerpoint-like presentations mixing text, sounds, and images.
  • Check the  Primary , Intermediate and Secondarylinks for lots more free educational software.
  • Moodle is a learning management system for producing Internet-based course web sites with versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and Netware.
  • Kurisu - A text based program that creates quizzes from text files. Mac OS X
  • MyMind - A free/donation concept mapping software program.
  • Splendid City is for coaches: manage and publish sports schedules, tournament schedules, etc. For Mac OSX
  • Document Manager allows you to import users into a Mac OS X Server, create their folders and automatically create links between teachers and students according to their classes. A client-based tool also allows teachers to send documents and collect them through a simple interface. 
  • Buzztastic: a simple quiz program intended for use with groups, preferably using a video projector connected to your Mac. (Mac OS X)
  • ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily retrieve and import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an adaptive learning environment. Windows or Mac OS X versions.
  • Backpack makes computerized flash cards from word lists for vocabulary or foreign language practice.
  • Learning Imp (Mac OS X) "is an authoring tool and learning program. It allows you to create your own dictionaries and offers several different types of tests. Build your own lessons for language learning or other several categories. 'Learning Imp' is a highly effective study tool suitable for elementary, secondary, high school and college students. You can create unlimited tests on any subject yourself, either by manually entering questions and answers. The application is highly intuitive and simple to use".
  • Teachers Report Assistant: "Free time saving utility for teachers who word process student reports. Produces professional sounding, individualized report cards in the shortest possible time. The program uses a set of statements written by the teacher or downloaded from the net which can then be tailored to suit individual students."
  • Language Coach: "...expression drill and tutor software is a language teaching program for Windows. Within minutes, Language Coach lets you design lessons for your students to help them practise what they have been learning in class. The students can then open these lessons on their own computers or on the schools' workstations to practise the expressions you have recorded as a drill."
  • Speech Grader: "a Microsoft® Excel®-based software program designed to help public speaking and speech instructors grade student speeches in the classroom quickly and effectively".
  • FreeMind is mind mapping software to help visualize ideas
  • Graph Paper Maker lets you create custom sheets of graph paper. Mac (classic), Mac OS X, and Windows versions.
  • Studycard Studio Lite is the ultimate study aid for Mac OS. Create, memorize and print multimedia, multilingual flashcards, quizzes and tutorials, including video, picture and sound identification, or spelling tests with speech. For Mac OS 9, OS X, and Palm.
  • OnCourse (for Mac OS X or Win) "onCourse allows you to track your students, courses and enrolments comprehensively. Manage: web site pages, students, enrolments, invoices, tutors and much more."
  • TCExam is "a Web-based assessment software (e-exam Computer Based Testing - CBT) well suited for both Internet and intranet environments. TCExam replaces the old pencil-and-paper testing systems and simplifies the entire exam cycle, including generation, execution, evaluation, presentation and archiving."
  • Centre is "a free student information system for public and non-public schools. Centre is a web-based, open source, student management product with features that include student demographic info, scheduling, grade book, attendance, report cards,eligibility, transcripts, and more" PHP-based, it should be usable with any computer platform.
  • If you like Inspiration or Kidspiration for 'mind-mapping' you may want to check out the free FreeMind or IMHC Cmap Tools programs.
    • Services
    • ThatQuiz is a website with free math testing, grading, and record keeping for teachers and practice tests for students: arithmetic, inequality, fractions, geometry (area and perimeters).
    • PBS TeacherSource lets you follow up on all your favorite PBS educational TV series.
    • Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers is a site where educators, home schoolers, parents, and students can find links to various offers for free resources, materials, lesson plans, software, catalogues, samples and so forth, and it's intended as a partial antidote to the prevalence of US material in many freebie sites.
    • PE lesson plans: here.
    • This Day in History from the New York Times
    • MagOmania  is a search site for Canadian magazines run by the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association.. Over 300 Canadian periodicals are indexed, with many articles available online.
    • *** Computers for Schools is a project to donate computers to schools. Get the application form here, or learn more about the project.
    • World Wide Web for Educators: an online database of K-12 resources by subject area.
    • Free subscriptions

    • *** Netsurfer Education is an e-mail newsletter with links to well-rated educational websites. Subscribe here! 
    • Blue Web'n is a searchable library of Web sites categorized by grade level, content area, type, and Dewey number.
    • Also worth checking out is the Canadian Teacher
    • *** Jamie Mackenzie's From Now On is an online magazine about teachers and technology.
    • *** Network Nuggets is a free mailout for teachers from the BC Community Learning Network and Open Learning Agency. Click to subscribe.
    • Tutorials

    • Busy Educators' Guide to the Internet
    • Computer tutorials from Internet4Classrooms
    • Wigglebits is a tutorial on building a school Web site.
    • Teaching With the Internet: Donald and Deborah Leu's excellent book-- online chapters and links.
    • LiveWires offers information about Internet safety
    • US national K-12 Technology Standards
    • Modules on developing and delivering online courses.
    • Powerpoint tutorials:  on Powerpoint in the Classroom,  and one on 'powerpointlessness' and the appropriate use of technology.
    • Reference

    • combines online definitions and pronociations with instant look-ups in a range of reference cites, from a medical dictionary to the Columbia Encyclopedia.
    • Encyclopedia Britannica Online no longer provides entire encyclopedia articles free, only short summaries. A better choice, perhaps, is the free Wikipedia encyclopedia or its companion Wiktionary dictionary. (Note that both these projects alone anyone to enter information, which can sometimes be problematic, but generally these are very good reference sources, and an interesting project).
    • Canadian Encyclopedia
    • Infoplease  may be more usable by intermediate grade students
    • Myths, legends, and folklore information are available in the Encyclopedia Mythica


    • The BC Information Technology K to 7 curriculum resource document is no longer officially in force, but is worth checking out anyway!
    • Focus/SiS claims to be "he world's most powerful tool for managing student data." Windows, Linux, Mac OS X versions; can be used with any web browser
    • SchoolGameMaker is a website filled with resources about programming games at school 
    • *** Google Earth is a wonderful tool for looking at cities, natural attractions, longitude and latitude and more. For Win 2000/XP and OS X. Google Earth Tutorials are a set of online videos and lessons on how to use Google Earth-- with curriculum ideas for grades 1 to 7 (free registration required).
    • 20 Technology Skills Every Teacher Should Have: article with extensive links to online resources
    • FreeBookNotes - study guides and summaries from 20+ content providers

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