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Files & Folders & Drives (Oh My!)

- 4 steps to a tidier PC

Brock House technology workshop - 2017.04.06

by Alan Zisman ~

Note: This is homework for the tutorial:

Files & Folders & Drives (Oh My!) - an introduction to file management

Cleaning up can be a big job - you may want to just do one of these steps at a time...

Step 1 - If you have a messy Desktop

  • Take a look at your computer's Desktop - are there a lot of icons on it? If so:
  • Click anywhere on the Desktop. Right-click (Control+Click on Mac) to open the pop-up context menu.
  • (Left)-Click on New then New Folder (Windows); Click on New Folder (Mac)
  • Click on the new folder's name - wait 3 seconds and click again - this will select the name and let you change it. Call it Old Desktop Stuff
Step 2 - Clean out your Downloads folder
Step 3 - Organize your Documents folder
Step 4 - Organize your Pictures folder
Cleaning up your Desktop, Downloads folder, Documents folder, and Pictures folder will take care of most of the mess - and make it much easier to find folders when you need them. As you create or download new documents, pictures, and more, try to file them away in the appropriate location right away so you don't create more clutter!

Use your Desktop for any project you are working on right now - but move them to a permanent location when you're done working with them.

You can use the same sort of process for your Music and Movies folders - but these tend to be less of a problem then the folders we've already discussed.

Ready for a new challenge? Most of us also have messes in our email applications and our contact or address lists. These don't involve files - but the same sorts of organizations can be used. Again, think of deleting the emails or contacts that you don't need to keep, and then thinking of categories that make sense to you for the one you DO want to hang onto.