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NFC Wallet: The best NFC solution for e-wallets

2021-05-31  ~ translated into Hungarian by Elana Pavlet ~ Turkish by Zoltan Solak ~ Georgian by Ana Mirilashvili ~ Macedonian by Katerina Nestiv ~ Spanish by

Chema Bescos

The popularity of contactless payments is rapidly spreading in countless areas. This is the most convenient and progressive payment method to date. The e-wallet, which has NFC technology, is now available to anyone who decides to work with our White Label application. Thanks to this technology, the mobile wallet app will allow you to make payments with a single touch. Neither real nor digital transactions can be faster and easier than this. If you are looking for a way to make your customers ' lives much easier, using this mobile app will be a great solution.
For NFC technology to work, you only need two steps:
    1.  Integrate your bank account into the e-wallet app;
    2.  Make a payment using your mobile phone by unlocking it and holding it next to the contactless terminal.

The only condition is that your bank or partner bank must support the Apple Pay or Google Pay service. If one of these apps is installed on your smartphone, you will be able to digitize your card (debit or credit). In this online digital wallet, you can not only store and manage cards, but also have access to your account balance and transaction history, as well as use it as a blockchain crypto wallet, since the application provides for the implementation of this technology. This allows you to pay effortlessly with nothing but a smartphone.

NFC Wallet: The best NFC solution for e-wallets

Advantages of using an NFC e-wallet

    •  Of course, the main goal of the eWallet app with NFC technology is to make payments faster and more accessible, but that's not all:
    •  Increased security-physical credit cards can be stolen or lost, and the same thing happens with a mobile phone, but in this case your bank account data is protected by a password and PIN code;
    •  Versatility-contactless payments make up an entire infrastructure in many countries around the world. There are countless services that can be paid for with Visa or MasterCard;
    •  Better Customer Service-Customers tend to have more confidence in progressive companies that introduce new technologies and develop new approaches. NFC technology is exactly what you need to meet your customers ' needs.
Currently, there are many areas where NFC is used to make working with clients more convenient and faster, so the mobile wallet from Walletfactory will find its application there perfectly:

    •  Shopping - whether it's a supermarket and you pay for groceries, or a gas station and you buy gas-paying with a single tap on your phone instead of entering your credit card PIN or counting cash will save you time and other customers;
    •  Transport - When boarding any type of public transport, it is much faster to get your smartphone to the terminal and be on the go.

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