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Choosing the “Best” Technology for You

    18 May 2016

Translated into Macedonian by Katerina Nestiv

Everywhere you look, you may be prompted to second guess what brand of technology you’re using. From television ads to discussions at the dinner table or around the water cooler, someone is probably telling you that you’re using the worst operating system, an inferior phone, or even the wrong browser. The debate surrounding technology is nothing new and it’s not likely to expire anytime soon. So, how do you know if you’re really utilizing the best of the best? It may not be so much about what is truly the best piece of technology, but whether or not it suits your needs.

Feel conflicted and bombarded by ads or a well-intentioned, but “know-it-all” friend? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some things to consider when choosing the “best” technology:

Operating Systems

Many people feel as passionate about their operating systems as they do their favorite sports team and if you say something bad about it, you’ll probably get an earful. Then, there are some people who are simply either Apple or Windows type folks (always have and will always be) and can’t or won’t be persuaded to think otherwise. However, if you’re in the middle and don’t have a strong alliance towards one or the other, you’re really allowing yourself the freedom to choose which operating system is the best for your needs.

A great place to start is by making a list of what you you want from a computer, whether it be a laptop or a PC. Will it mostly be used for bookkeeping or are you really into art or music projects? Take your time, read reviews, be selective about the advice to you take, and choose wisely. Your computer should satisfy your needs for at least 3 years and maybe longer, depending on how up-to-date you want/need to be.

Consider Cost

Technology is an investment and can quickly add up if you try to stay “in the know”. While you may have some family, friends, or colleagues who are always showing up with a the latest and greatest gadget and don’t think twice about dropping a significant amount of money, you may have a budget that you need to consider. If you’re looking for a device that will be your all-in-one, “go to” technology, you’re likely to spend a little more money, but you can find tablets for under $50 and complete desktops from anywhere to a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand. Again, it depends on what you need and how often you will use your device. Always read reviews and look into things like tech support, software updates, and other things that are included in the cost.

Don’t Forget the Fun

If you’re going to invest in technology for all the practical, day-to-day things in your life, don’t forget about using it for fun and relaxation. Love to take photographs and play around with editing? Consider a smartphone that has a top of the line camera with plenty of memory and editing features. Like to kick back and do some gaming on the weekends? Although many hardcore gamers swear that a customized PC is the best (and only way) to play, you can enjoy gaming experiences, such as online poker or blackjack, on any device. As you would with any other aspect of technology, do your research by reading online casino reviews before choosing which online casino would suit you best.

The beauty of all the advances in technology is the freedom to choose which one feels and looks right, as well as meets all your needs (whether for fun or practicality). Before you make a decision, feel pressured by a friend, or give into the first device you see, always read up on as much information as you can. If you want to be tech savvy, you need to be well informed.

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