Tom Nagel in September-October 1969 a few days from his 21st birthday and shortly before he conquered the world.
This is in a courtyard off Drummond and Sherbrooke, with 1952 Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide, Pan-Head, 72 cubic inch (1200 cc) stick shift.
This is just after Tom and Christine hitch-hiked to Aspen.  Christine continued on to the South-West and Tom went back to Rockford, Illinois, (Ronald Ray-gun’s hometown) to buy the hog before driving up to Montréal.  Customs officials were disappointed that the concrete poetry in my saddlebags was not pornographic.  Adam and Tom rented an appartment together later the same month and it became a major crash-pad for Montréal visitors and wildlife.
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1969: Tom Nagel
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